Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Relief and Concern

Summer is clearly over, but winter has arrived early in Sacramento...just like Christmas decorations.
The wind and rain knocked the power out for a couple of hours, but I did amuse myself with my iPod. Still, I would have preferred TV so I can catch up on the shows I haven't see since Thursday. I also have to see a PBS special as part of a poll, but I can squeeze in that before Countdown.

Response to 3-07 of The Guild has been strong, especially the ending where we see the police are involved in the Axis of Anarchy's torturing of Bladezz so the Knights of Guild will be slain, and such. Since Zaboo is Riley's pet (she walks him down the neighborhood, coming next week? Hope his mom stops that!), and Codex is begging Vork to come back (she is not finding her inner strength, no matter what people say, unless she guilts Tink to come back), the A of A is invincible..but also a bunch of geeks who are lucky not to be seriously challenged. The tide better turn by next week, or Riley could take over the show...and maybe marry Fawkes of the A of A. Yikes!

Fans of Dollhouse are relieved to know we'll get 13 episodes in season two, but that's all. This mean Joss and company have to condense 18 episodes of plot into nine, which means to "comedy relief" episodes. It's full throttle to the end, especially when it looks like we'll see plenty of familiar faces.
However, does this mean we won't go back to Los Angeles 2019, to see how Mag, Zone and MiniEcho are doing in their search for SafeHaven(tm). We should at least see Adelle DeWitt in total disarray, and MiniEcho says, "well, that's what happens when the company you trust f's you over in the end." Adelle, of course, would say, "Now I know what your original self didn't shoot me. You knew I'd wish you did."
Well, from the decisions Adelle made last week, she could have it coming. I just hope we have a direct-to-DVD episode where we'd have something like that.

Also, the fact that we may only get 13 episodes in season two means the t-shirts I made from cointhatphrase.com may not be obsolete anymore. Click this link to see the slogans I made for a "Save Dollhouse" campaign, plus one for an Oscar bid involving a Nazi who could outscare anyone. Think Inglorious Basterds.

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