Monday, May 13, 2013

Buying A Piece of KFBK's History

This is another of those "Thrift Shop" stories:

I was at the Salvation Army stores on 16th Street in Sacramento when I found this t-shirt:

If anyone from KFBK remembers what this was all about, I'd like to know. All I know is what is on this t-shirt:  in may 1993, then-financial news chief, and now daily talk show host for Fox News Radio, Tom Sullivan went to something called "Dan's Bake Sale" in Fort Collins, Colorado. You notice that Tom autographed the shirt. Here's a closer look:

There's also "pending government approval", too. Who was Dan, and how big was the bake sale, and what was the money from the sale used for? If there's anyone who knows, please write your comments on this blog. Thank you

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