Friday, May 15, 2009

OK, Agent Ballard, You Might Be Echo Master or Boyd's Assistant...

...but at least you will be something...BECAUSE THE DOLLHOUSE IS STAYING OPEN!!!

That's the word from the Hollywood Reporter. It took a lot of the old Navajo trick of begging and pleading, as Woody Allen would say, but we'll get another 13 episodes of Echo, Victor, Sierra, Boyd, Topher, Adelle DeWitt, and Paul "I'm really doing this to close you down" Ballard.

The word spread like wildfire on Twitter, Whedonesque, and a few other sites. Some are still skeptical, but they want the news in writing during upfronts on Monday.
I was hoping we'd have them move the show to Mondays or Tuesdays, because high DVR usage for the show may hint that people don't like it on Fridays, but on Mondays after House before January, or Tuesdays after Fringe. There was word it could be paired with a show called Human Target, based on the comic book about a guy who can impersonate anyone who is being targeted by other bad guys. You fans of the original Mission Impossible see it as Super Rollin Hand. That could still happen, if both are put on Fridays. Maybe with that lineup, and Fox letting Joss be Joss at long last, it may be cool to stay home on Fridays for the first time in years.

But that leads to another problem: after Paul Ballard has agreed to work for the place he wants to close down, Echo has "Caroline" in her mind, and an evil Active named Alpha is on the loose, what do we do now? I had some ideas towards the end of my review of "Omega", but that can't be the best ideas. There has to be more, and Joss will have a plan.

Whatever it is, he'll have to cut costs. Already, the episodes will be cut from 50 to 43 minutes each, but that's because Fox decided to dump "Remote-Free TV". That's because shows with fewer ads didn't generate more viewers. Expect shorter trips into the Fringe, too, but there will still be room for the occasional Leonard Nimoy.

In any case, in the words of Baskin-Robbins ads, YAY! More will be revealed come Comic-Con time. At least by that time, maybe I'll have another chance for Eliza to sign my DVD screener of "Ghosts", or the DVD box set.

Oh,and I just found out Castle will be back on ABC in the fall. That means more Nathan Fillion. Now that they have the kinks and Moonlighting germs removed, I'll give it another try.

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