Sunday, May 10, 2009

Time for some lists

In a week, we'll know if the Dollhouse will open again. It doesn't seem likely, but we can always hope.
So, why not have a few lists on the show itself:

Best in Show
"Man on the Street", the first time we broke the "Case of the Week" pattern. Add a great appearance by Patten Oswalt, a challenge to Paul Ballard's "this is wrong" belief, some comments from the "public" on what they'd do with an Active, and a surprise confession from Echo, and you have a classic episode.

Least Best in Show

"Stage Fright", only because the diva needed some unexpected therapy from Echo

Most Valuable Active

Enver Gjokaj, who has been quite versatile as Victor. He's played a Russian mobster, DeWitt's boytoy, an NSA agent and a horse breeder. Runner-up goes to Amy Acker as Dr. "Whiskey" Saunders.

Horrible, but not hopeless

Obviously, we mean Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt, the tough supervisor of the Dollhouse who can fall into temptation, and Fran Kranz as Topher, who is quite aware that even super-geniuses should have a lot to learn.

We'll Miss You

Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic and Miracle Laurie as ex-Active November, not just a girl named Madeline

"Say What?" Moments

1. Victor/Roger has his regular rendezvous with Miss Lonely Hearts...and it's Adelle DeWitt
2. Dr. Saunders was an Active, and the Echo of her day
3. Echo gets wiped via cellphone, thanks to Alpha
4. Adelle is shot by Dominic before he's put in the Attic, yet isn't phased
5. Victor does a perfect impression of Dominic
6. Paul "agrees" to help search for Alpha, but that won't be his only goal...if we get a season two.

Best Fight

Boyd and Paul in "Briar Rose", although I also like Paul vs. Echo the talkative assassin in "Man on the Street."

Most uncomfortable moment

Topher and Claire observing the Actives showering, looking for inappropriate behavior in "True Believer", but a close second was finding out Hearn taking advantage of Sierra in her neutral state in "Man on the Street."

Worst outfit

Whatever Echo was wearing at the start of "Echoes"

Best fashion

Boyd (Harry Lennix), always lookng good

Worst quote

"Blue skies!" by Sierra and Echo in "Gray Hour"

Best quotes (very tough to cut down to ten)

1. "Nothing is what it appears to be", the first line of the series, said by DeWitt
2. Topher: "She's living the Dream"
Boyd: "Whose dream?"
3. "God brought me here. He has a message for you,and that message is to move your
ass!", Echo from "True Believer"
4. "We're pimps and killers, but in a philanthropic way", Boyd in "Spy in the House
of Love."
5. "You haven't seen my Drawer of Inappropriate Starches", Topher in "Echoes"
6. "The Dollhouse is real", Echo in "Man on the Street"
7. "I have 38 brains, and none of them believe you can sell yourself into slavery.",
Echo in "Omega"
8. "The wrongness of this is so huge", Wendy with Caroline's soul in "Omega"
9. Claire: "Victor had an erection?"
Topher: "I prefer 'man-reaction.'", from "True Believer"
10. "If that technology exists, it'll be used. It'll be abused. It will be
global, and we will be over, as a species. We will cease to matter. I don't
know. Maybe we should.", a professor in "Man on the Street."

Your list may be different. I have left out at least 20 better ones. maybe you can decide what's the best and worst about the show.

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