Monday, August 17, 2009

The Guild Goes MTV: She's a Star, and Hotter Than Reality By Far

It's been a few hours since the Guild's music video "Do You Wanna Date By Avatar" went into general release, after XBox owners got first dibs to this.
So, how has it done?
Well, the video at iTunes hit the top five in a matter of hours, and even reached #1! The mp3 at Amazon is also doing well, and should do better once iTunes releases it. Once more people know about this video, thanks to Twitter, MTV may even consider airing this video...then do it.

For the record, Felicia Day wanted to make a song that, as she said at Comic-Con, was a little like Stacey Q. Actually, it would fit into the current dance scene. She and Jed Whedon (yes, Joss' brother) co-wrote the song, by the way.
It starts with Felicia putting on her costume, and touching parts of it in provocative ways. Then we see the cast, making poses as if they were living characters in World of Warcraft or that ilk. Once Felicia starts singing, you know she's a girl who you would want in the video games of your dreams.
The lyrics aren't bad, either...

Hang with me in my MMO
So many places we can go
You'll never see my actual face
Our love, our love will be in virtual space.

You can see the rest of the lyrics at the The Guild site.

You see Clara (Robin Thorsen) munching on fruit, and Bladezz (Vincent Caso) making time with a couple of maidens. But Tink (Amy Okuda) has some great moves as one of the backup dancers. Amy has a dance background, along with her acting, but she looks great here. She's joined by Maurissa Tanchareon, who happens to be the wife of the director....Jed Whedon.

Vork (Jeff Lewis) and Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) try to be hip when they dance, but their rapping is better. You haven't lived until you hear this....

Vork: Single white human,
Looking for group
My stats so high
Don’t be out of the loop

Zaboo: Got an uber-leet staff
That you can equip
Close your mouths ladies
This is pure nerd-nip

Then we see Felicia looking very sexy, laying on an ocean of coins. Take note, Don Draper. That's how you sleep on a bed of money.

The video ends with the crew enjoying a feast, while Felicia is showered by coins, maybe a bit too much. The last shot is the Guild, posing as a living logo of their show that will now take MTV by storm.

It's rare that music videos from the internet make it to MTV, mainly because MTV doesn't show as many videos as they should. It reserves those for the digital channels. Still, this video shows the real talent these guys have. If you think they make a great dance video together, wait until you see them battle a mean group of fellow RPG players.
Then again, that may be tougher than making a video. We shall see as the Guild goes into season three on August 25th. Learn more at

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