Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Codex's World, and We Just Live In It

It's official..."Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" is an world-wide internet hit.
The BBC just discovered it, after the song went to number one on the UK iTunes chart.
Felicia Day, who co-wrote the song with Jed Whedon, is "filled with glee" with this new attention. However, the real point is that it's possible to make good entertainment without relying on the major media companies.
"Most people would be working with a label and going through a lot of hoops," she tells BBC News. "I think our success empowers everybody who feels like they can't get their art out there."

It also helps the video has been embedded in thousands of blogs, Twitters, Facebook pages and even Entertainment Weekly. It's one reason why after four days, it's received nearly 1.7 million hits on YouTube.
The song has been number one overall in the Amazon mp3 charts, but now it's at number two below Black-Eyed Peas. The video conquered the iTunes charts in the States for three days before being replaced by a Disney Channel charity video.

With all the attention the video is getting, people may forget that it's just a promo for the web sitcom called The Guild, about a group of RPG players who try to get along when they're not playing online. Many people will be surprised to learn the Guild isn't the next Black-Eyed least not yet...but is a show that's making a good case for web-based shows that can hold their own against the sitcoms we get from another screen.
The world is starting to dance to the Guild's tune, and soon it will laugh along with them when season three starts next Tuesday.
For more info, plus episodes from past seasons, go to

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