Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con: All the World's a Billboard

I remember a couple of years ago when the most usual way to promote a show at Comic-Con is to get an airplane that flies a banner than just says "I (heart) Dexter".

This year, there are other ways. This one is big, but not too new if you've been to Hollywood

Wait, is this really Los Angeles?

Pretty big for a movie about an alien invasion, huh? Not to be outdone, the guys promoting Scott Pilgrim vs. the Expendables, I mean World, used the Hilton Bayfront to plug its movie.

King of Comic-Con 2010

Doesn't get bigger than that. As long as I catch the matinees, I'll see both him and Sly and the Knights of Kick-Ass next month.
Other movies, TV shows and networks have found better ways to plug themselves. The latest classic example is the Cafe Diem from Eureka at the Hard Rock Hotel...

The Cafe Deim, open five days a year

It now has competition with Ciro's Pizzeria, which is "borrowed" by the Cartoon Network.

Soon, the Adult Swim Bar

Take this, Cafe Deim

It won't be long before the Adult Swim bar is next.

Fox also got into the act by turning a downtown fish restaurant into "Bob's Burgers" which is a new animated show in the spirit of Family Guy. They gave out hundreds of burgers and even had burger eating contests. Not a bad deal.

Not animation

Machete gave out tacos, and passes to a special panel that included some bloody action. If not for the fact I had the Serenity screening, I would have checked it out. It's produced new trailers, but I still liked the first one.

Roach Coach

Machete Tacos

As I mentioned, Let Me In had a party at Basic at 10th and J. They had pictures from the movie...

Scenes from Let Me In

and it was a full crowd. Pizza, 80s music and beer will do that.

Crowd at Basic

and look at this. Matt Reeves with a guy who should have smiled...shouldn't I?

Can this man live up to a Swedish horror flick?

Finally, the simplest kind of "ambush" marketing.

Hey, Rifftrax

This guy is trying to get the Rifftrax fans with Cinematic Titanic, which features the MST3K crew from the beginning, and the middle, too.

At Comic-Con, all the world's a billboard...some more effective than others.

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