Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con: Riding the Black Beauty

A couple of days after Comic-Con, there seems to be doubt that Seth Rogen can be a credible costumed hero as The Green Hornet.
As far as publicizing the movie, though, you have to admit they gave it a good hard try. First, get some gals that rival the Iron-ettes...

The Hornettes

Then you get something called Britt Reid's Garage at 10th and J, near Petco Park...

Britt Reid's Garage

Then add some cool muscle cars that kind of look like the Black Beauty....

More Black Beauty

Imagine that car on the road...a little smaller...and a hybrid...made by Road Rage Motors. That will save the car industry.

Several fans were lucky enough to take a ride around the block in this car. I was lucky to get a ride during preview night. First, we just walked there...

Where to, sir?

We left the driving to her...

Leave the driving to her

and looked inside to see all the electronic hardware. Remember, this pre-dates such supercars as Knight Rider.

More of inisde Black Beauty

Thing is, you'd get something like this in an Acura or Lexus...without the remote-controlled machine guns.

I do want to add this picture from inside the garage..

OK, so we need something stronger

I'm guessing this was the stunt car, or the Black Beauty without bullet-proof anything.

It'll be a few months before The Green Hornet arrives in 3-D. Maybe it will surprise us. Let's hope so.

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