Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guild Director Gives Big Hint About Season 5

Fans of Felicia Day's hit webcom The Guild also listen to the podcast, Knights of the Guild, made by two guys named Kenny and Jenni. They talk about the show (sometimes), themselves (a lot), the casts, the fans and updates on the show. During last season, they added a bonus podcast about the previous episode for added insight.

It also has a semi-regular feature called "Guild Something" with director Sean Becker and Marketing Boss Brian Kameoka. They get some fan questions and try to answer them. Then the discussion turned to the upcoming season, which is expected to start by July (hopefully just before Comic-Con). Becker says preparations are about to start on the new season, and it looks like The Knights of Good are going on the road. As you recall, last season ended with the gang getting invited to a convention that's connected to their favorite RPG, which is World of Warcraft-ish. It looks like the new season (and this is just my guess, folks) is seeing the gang preparing to go, and all the things that happen on the way. Sort of like one of those teen road pictures, including the one that has Seth Green as an alleged Amish guy.

As Sean says, "We're moving out of that familiar area of the offices and we're going on like a road trip to a convention." He says this could be "The Guild: The Movie", although I would argue season 3 was the Guild movie with the gag breaking up over the threat of a rival guild, then reuniting.
In any case, Becker said a Guild movie could have been recreating the three-part Codex comic book story, but in this case it looks like the story will be a road trip. In my mind, this may appeal to more people because there's been a ton of road trip movies, and people are bound to relate to all the trouble the KoG have trying to get to the convention.

Again, as Becker said in the podcast, "But I feel like being familiar with the Guild, and seeing them kind of go out and into the world even further, and we've seen what happens when they even come out of their rooms, and now they're going to get out of their town, which is great." He predicts things may get underway by April 23rd or so.

You can download the podcast through iTunes or by visiting the Knights of the Guild website, which also has lots of stuff about the podcast and the show.

ETA: The Guild's Facebook page revealed they will film a specific scene at the Long Beach Comic-Con early on April 23rd. For the sake of the KoG, it better not be the scene where they finally get to the con....eight seconds after it ends. Knowing this show, and how it filmed the last scene of season 3 first (yes, the "What have I done with Fawkes...nude?" scene), it might wind up that way. After all, it's supposed to be a road movie this year.

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