Monday, January 4, 2010

Quick note about "Demons"

I did see the first episode after seeing David Tennant's last act as Doctor 10.
I think the show should have made one change to get a second season:
turn it into "The Equalizer" because Philip Glenister stole this show big time, even with a terrible American accent. You can still keep the two teens, Luke and Ruby, but make them potentials rather than the "star".
Somebody called this the "poor man's 'Sanctuary'", only because it uses real sets, not CGI. Somehow that's better. I may come back towards the end, but it should have been more about Rupert than the teen demon hunters.
Also, throw in the fact the mom knew from the start, which surprises Rupert, and you may have something here. Also, add more info about the group Rupert works for.
I'll probably come back towards the end of this run, but I liked "Being Human" much better than this, and the sooner that show comes back, the better.

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