Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I'm Not Using Logo as My Buffy Fix

As some of you may know, only because this hasn't been mentioned a lot by anyone, Logo and MTV will start showing episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every day. Logo has started a New Year's marathon by looking at most of season 2, where we were introduced to Spike and Drusilla, a new Slayer, and the first major defeat Buffy suffered by losing Angel.
Great start, huh? After that, you'd think they'd start from the beginning once they start daily airings of the show.
Well, no. According to the Logo Online website, this week will feature "Hush", "Once More With Feeling", "Dead Things", and "Dopplegangland".
All great episodes, but wouldn't it be better if we saw them in order?
Hopefully, Logo will do this eventually, but it would have been a better idea to do it that way starting Monday. At least FX did that.
On the other hand, the Logo Online website does allow you to see full episodes online, including "Hush" and "Once More..."
MTV is also supposed to start showing Buffy every day, starting with a marathon next weekend. No word yet on how they'll handle the series, but at least it's a chance for people to see what good teen horror drama can be, especially if it's funny on purpose.
After all, there are still some people allergic to DVD's. Why not have someone on cable keep airing a TV show that a lot of other shows are trying to live up to...such as a British show that features a teenage boy who's suddenly told his family's business is vampire hunting.
I'll get to that Sunday.

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