Thursday, January 7, 2010

Team Echo Is Ready....To Lose

A new year has started, and it means the beginning of the end for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.
It looks like the Dollhouse in Los Angeles is going to overthrow its mother company, Rossum, now that it knows the technology it has will lead to world-wide slavery, and an apocalypse that was illustrated in the DVD episode, "Epitaph One."
Too bad Team Echo is meant to lose.
After all, we've been told the events of "Epitaph One" must happen. We're supposed to have a small group of freedom-fighters trying to keep their own voices, now that nearly all of civilization has collapsed.
So, let's look at what is likely to happen:

We know Adelle Dewitt pretended to sell her soul to Rossum to get her job back at the Dollhouse, from giving Matthew Harding Topher's Turn Anyone Into An Active Ray
to sending Echo to the Attic. She's now aware the first decision was a very bad idea and the second will make up for it by discovering the company's deepest secrets. We also know Paul Ballard had to be Active-ized to save his life after Alpha fried his brain, while D.C. Dollhouse programmer Bennett Halverston has turned Madeline Costly/Mellie back into November, and will likely use her to kill Echo because Bennett blames her for losing her left arm.
On top of all this, Echo says she wants too get her old memories back as Caroline Farrell, so we can see who she really was, and whether Bennett may have a point.
The main goal, however, is to find out who or what betrayed co-founder (and now Attic prisoner) Clyde Randolph that led to the imprinting of people, and Rossum's real goal of taking over the government from the inside, thanks to Senator Ken, I mean Daniel Perrin.

Whatever happens, three moments have to happen, all from the DVD-only episode (thank Fox for that), "Epitaph One":

1. Dr. Claire Saunders helping Boyd escape the Dollhouse, apparently after she left the place in "Vows"
2. Clive Ambrose downloading himself into Victor's body, and in the other Dollhouses world-wide, to signal the company's final phase towards world domination
3. Echo and Paul become the new vigilantes for civilization, while Topher is insane because of the guilt of what has been done. The other Actives have gathered, hoping they will keep their true selves, while Adelle may be facing a bullet.

So, it's safe to say the bad guys win at the end of "The Hollow Men". When "Epitaph Two" plays out on the 22nd, though, that victory may not last.
There's also speculation on who will be the Last Actives Standing. I'm hoping our Freedom Fighting group of Mag, Zone and Iris/MiniEcho come out OK, along with Sierra and Victor, or Priya and Anthony. After that, it could go either way.
The beginning of the end is just hours away.

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